Exhibiting at Camelford Gallery

After a long period of embracing the Covid-19 lockdown – national and international – meaning: walking, hiking, biking in the beautiful countryside of North Cornwall, watching some good some less good, movies and series on Netflix and Amazon Prime, reading, relearning French and learning Italian, and often doing nothing, I am back to the active and creative part of myself. I am back at my studio. The weather is getting better, warmer. I am back in front of the easel and back at my drawing desk.

I have delivered a few old and new paintings to The Camelford Gallery, in the centre of Camelford at 23 Market Place.

The gallery is full of exciting paintings in oil, acrylics, watercolours, drawings, graphics and prints. If you are in Cornwall at the moment or planning a holiday this year, you should try hard to visit the gallery. It doesn’t have the usual holiday-like-boats-trashy-images. If you seriously appreciate quality art, The Camelford Gallery is the perfect place for you.

Here is the list of my paintings on display there at the moment:

She – an oil painting, nude.

Oil painting on canvas, She

Perfect Beauty – a watercolour, nude.

Perfect Beauty - watercolour
Perfect Beauty – watercolour

Impression – an oil painting, abstract landscape.

Impression, oil on canvas, mixed media
Impression, oil on canvas, mixed media

4 watercolours, diverse sizes and themes

Small Abstract Nr.1 – acrylics on paper.

This small abstract has had a very eventful life. See for example this YouTube video from my “Contemporary Art in the Community” project some years ago. It was recorded after a surfing session at Widemouth Bay, just a few miles up the A39 “Atlantic Highway” from here:

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