Kasia B. Turajczyk

[email protected]
Studio:  Lyalls Cottage, Dunchideock, Exeter, Devon EX6 7YD
Phone: 01392 833904


1968 -1972
House of Culture & Education, Lodz, Poland  – painting,
drawing and the History of Art
1971 – 1973
Art classes at high school, XXVIII Lyceum in Lodz
1974 -1975
Private lessons in old, traditional painting and drawing technique at the Atelier of Feliks Paszkowski
1975 – 1980
University of Lodz, Poland – Master of Arts
1982 – 1985
University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands  – Master in Philology


2015                                Galeria Balucka, Lodz, Poland
2013                                Galeria Dzwonnica, Warsaw, Poland
2011                                Devon Open Studio, Dunchideock, UK
2010                                Galeria Forum, City Council Gallery Lodz, Poland
2009                                Galeria Forum, City Council Gallery Lodz, Poland
2003                                AWC Gallery, Den Haag, the Netherlands


2015                                From Cowboys to Astronauts,  Exeter, Devon, UK
2013                                Spirit of Art in Vienna, Moya-Museum of Young Art
2012                                Neoreplicants, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, UK
2012                                The Lloyd Gill Gallery, Weston-Super-Mary, UK
2011                                Devon Art Society, Summer Exhibition, Torquay, UK
2011                                Admirals Club – La Guardia Airport, USA
2010                                Swordfish Gallery, Exmouth, UK
2010                                Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas, USA
2010                                Bologna, Italy, ArteBO Association
2007                                Aanwas III (BBK), Amsterdam , the Netherlands


2015                                 South West Academy 2015, Exeter, Devon
2014                                 2014 South West Academy, Exeter, Devon
2010                                 South West  Contemporary Art Fair, Totnes , UK
2008                                Kingston St. Mary; Annual Art Exhibition, England


  • 8 portraits                private commissions;  Netherlands and Poland
  • 1 portrait                   commissioned by Portrait Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
  • 35 landscapes          private commissions; Austria, Netherlands, Poland
  • 18 abstracts              private commissions;  England, Netherlands and Poland


  • Gdzie sie podzialy sztucce Pani Burgand – Novae Res, 2015 (coauthor Lech Cieslinski)
  • Return of Peter Pan by Kasia Turajczyk – foreword Karolina Jablonska 2013
  • Facts of the Matter – Rotary International, issue of April 2013 (Death and Taxes)
  • The Artist Showcase, Winter 2011
  • The Club Collection La Guardia; A Catalogue of Fine Art, Embler Art Gallery, 2011
  • ART IN VOGUE 100 Contemporary Artists ,2012
  • My Cosmo; Lodz- Art.EU, 2010 by Karolina Jablonska
  • World of Vision through the painting by Karolina Jablonska  – a  review of the exhibition  “From Fruit till Fantasy” in Poland; published in Lodz-Art, 2009


124 paintings by 67 private collectors, two art galleries and one Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas.

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